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"I like living in our little town where the trees meet across each street.  Good people live in our little town, the kind of folks you like to meet.  For life is interwoven with friends we've come to know and we hear their joys and sorrows as we daily come & go. I love living in Winnemucca, I care no more to roam, for every house here in our little town is more than a house, it's a HOME."



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Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority    

Winnemucca Works! (Available Jobs)

City of Winnemucca

Great Basin College of Nevada

Winnemucca Bureau of Land Management


Winnemucca White and Yellow pages


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Humboldt General Hospital

Humboldt County Schools

Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce

Humboldt County "Quailty of Life"

Humboldt County Utilities


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